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A2LA Accredited, Cert. Nos: Nondestructive (0302.01), Mechanical (0302.02)

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Metallurgical Services, Inc. is a heat treating facility with capabilities qualified and certified to G.E., Ford, Honda, Timken, General Dynamics and General Motors specifications.

Metallurgical Services, Inc.

Metallurgical Services FlameOur facilities include five vacuum furnaces, and six super ALLCASE furnaces for through hardening, carburizing, and carbon nitriding.These furnaces are also complimented by copper brazing belt furnaces, five induction heating units, and an ion nitriding furnace.  The largest of our three harden up to 3,000 lbs. per hour.

Click here to view latest Iso CertificationAll furnaces and generators are computer controlled for by exact dew point and cycles. This capacity is combined with inline wheelabration and automatic hardness testing of all parts run through the furnace.

Induction heating is also provided for by localized hardening on exact part locations, along with large compacity furnaces for annealing, normalizing, and stress relieving. Metallurgical Services' wide scope of processes and capabilities can easily accommodate your heating needs...large or small.

A2LA Accredited, Cert. Nos: Nondestructive (0302.01), Mechanical (0302.02)

Over 25 years experience:

Over 25 years experience

We are proud to be one of the largest and most experienced heat treaters to the tool manufacturing industry. We specialize in heat treating tools, dies, molds, stainless and high speed steels.





Precision tools or specialty parts can be gas nitrided in our large volume 30" by 48" pit furnace, designed for minimal distortion light case hardening or finished parts.


Induction Hardening:

nduction Hardening

We have four induction units up to 150kw equipped with a 36" scanner which produces precision pattern hardness. We offer capacity for design, development, prototype and daily production.


Annealing, Normalizing and Stress Relieving:

Annealing, Normalizing and Stress Relieving

We offer large volume capacity for a wide variety of metal products such as forging, castings, weldments and stainless steel. Batch and continuous belt furnaces maintain a controlled and protective atmosphere.

Carburizing and Carbonitriding:

Carburizing and Carbonitriding

Two continuous and six large volume batch furnaces for light to deep case carburizing up to .150." Automated sensors maintain a precise carburizing atmosphere.

Phosphate and Lube



A2LA Accredited, Cert. Nos: Nondestructive (0302.01), Mechanical (0302.02)

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